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Rogano Meeting 2024

Encouraging the development of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within a climate of high-level international scholarly debate.

Countdown to the conference:

Welcome to Rogano 2024

Making a welcome return to Basel

The organising committee looks forward to welcoming you to this vibrant Swiss city for what we hope will be an inspiring and engaging programme.

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Odelya, Basel conference suite. This is conveniently located near the University Botanic Gardens, with excellent transport by tram and bus.

The programme will commence on Friday 23rd August at 08.30hrs CEST and concludes on Saturday 24th August at 13.00hr CEST. The conference dinner will be held in the Hotel Odelya.

A more detailed overview of the planned sessions, including workshops and dilemma presentations, will be available in due course.

Our organising committee


Prof. Mo Al-Haddad

Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia

PhD candidate, University of Glasgow, Scotland


Dr. Joost van den Berg

Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Post-doctoral researcher in medical education and Internist (subspecialty Geriatric care)


Prof. Rune Dall Jensen

Associate Professor in Medical Education, Aarhus University & MidtSim Simulation Center

Aarhus University Hospital


Prof. Naomi Steenhof

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Toronto


Prof. Jenny Johnston

Professor of Medical Education/ GP

Queen’s University Belfast

About the conference

Promoting the development of doctoral students and early post-doctoral researchers within a climate of high-level, international scholarly debate

The idea for the first Rogano meeting was born in the year 2010 when Tim Dornan, Cees van der Vleuten and Jeroen van Merrienboer (Maastricht University) discussed how to continue and build on international relationships with other universities. At that year’s meeting of the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), held in Glasgow, a table was booked at the famous Rogano restaurant in Glasgow (sadly, now closed). Colleagues from the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Canada came together to discuss organising an international collaboration between medical/health professions education research groups. The idea of having a meeting back-to-back with AMEE was proposed and the first Rogano Meeting was organised by the Maastricht team and took place in Vienna, 2011.

The focus of the meeting is to promote the development of doctoral students and early post doctoral researchers within a climate of high-level, international scholarly debate. A key component of the meeting is that doctoral students each present a dilemma they have faced in their doctoral research. They each have 30 minutes ‘on the floor’, with 10 minutes of this given to a brief presentation, following specific guidelines, and the session is then opened to the floor, with a facilitator guiding the discussion and debate aimed at helping the presenter find solutions to their dilemma.

Previous Meetings

2011 – Vienna, Austria

2012 – Lyon, France

2013 – Prague, Czech Republic

2014 – Milan, Italy

2015 – Glasgow, Scotland

2016 – Barcelona, Spain

2017 – Helsinki, Finland

2018 – Basel, Switzerland

2019 – Vienna, Austria

2020 – Glasgow, Scotland (cancelled due to Covid)

2021 – Glasgow, webinar

2022 – Lyon, France

2023 – Glasgow, Scotland

Location & venue

Host City 2024


Wilkommen in Basel! Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. It is a European hub for pharmaceuticals, and a world centre for art and culture. The city is a historic river port and the Rhine splits the city into two, ‘Klein’ and ‘Gross’ Basel (little and greater). Its outlook is international due to its border location – some of the city’s suburbs extend to France and Germany. Public transport is extensive and efficient to get about the city ( but if you’re staying in the downtown city core you may find it as easy to get about on foot. Basel is also a conference city and there is always plenty going on. As usual, Rogano immediately proceeds the AMEE conference.

Please note that Switzerland is not as card-friendly as other countries – you are likely to need cash when paying for small items when out and about in the city. Also, temperatures can hit 40o C in August and air conditioning is not always guaranteed in buildings or public transport: remember to dress appropriately and carry water and SPF.


See, Do, Visit

If you are arriving early or staying on for AMEE, you may want to explore Basel a little. Here are some ideas.

Botanic Gardens: Near the Rogano venue, the University’s botanic garden (‘Botanischer Garten der Universität’) is ‘klein aber fein’ – small but beautiful – tropical plants, alpines, and plans from all around the world are cultivated here and there is free entry. It makes a nice escape from urban heat on a summer’s day.

River swimming: locals congregate by the river, swim in it, and make the most of it as a space to cool off in on hot summer days and catch up with friends. You’ll see plenty of people floating in the river with ‘Wickelfisch’ bags attached to them – waterproof bags shaped like fish that protect their belongings while they go for a dip! Swimming is permitted on the Kleinbasel side and cafes and restaurants are dotted along the banks and in the residential areas further back from the river.

Boat trip: Kleinbasel and Grossbasel are connected by a string of bridges; crossing by traditional ‘Fähre’ boats is also possible during the day. (cash only)

Old Town: this is on the ‘Grossbasel’ side of the river – city architecture on this side of the river goes back as far as the 1300s (the city gate or ‘Spalentor’) near the University is a good example of what the city would historically have looked like; the red city hall building on Marktplatz is c. 510 years old; and the elegant streets around the city’s Cathedral on Munsterplatz are all very strollable.

Museums: if you have time, consider visiting the Bayelor Foundation, Kunstmuseum or Jean Tinguely museum.

Food and drink: traditional Swiss foods such as raclette and fondue are likely best saved for winter visits but Swiss chocolate is always a good idea! The local top-selling soft drink is ‘Rivella’ – a sparkling lemonade-like drink made from whey. Beer and wine are generally locally produced and very good – and the least expensive alcoholic beverages available. Basel in the summer  makes the most of the potential for outdoor life and most cafes have outdoor seating, as do restaurants and bars.

Please note that Swiss shops, including most supermarkets, close on Sundays. The SBB Hauptbahnhof (main station) has a small Co-op and a medium-sized Migros where you’ll be able to get snacks, drinks, and food on Sundays.

Conference Venue

Basel’s Hotel Odelya is located within Basel’s historic Mission House, opened in 1860 and training missionaries until 1960. The hotel’s website notes “ in addition to theological training, the missionary students learned languages, geography, ethnology, history, singing and music. They received basic medical training, photographic training and also learned a practical trade.”

Nowadays the Hotel Odelya accommodates meetings and conferences, including Rogano. The hotel will host all the Rogano sessions in their well-equipped seminar rooms, as well as coffee breaks, lunch and the 3 course conference dinner on the evening of Friday 23rd August.

The surrounding University district is also well provided with attractive buildings, cobbled streets, and secluded courtyards – throughout this area of the city you’ll find quirky cafes, restaurants, and small boutiques

Conference registration

Download the conference registration form, abstract template and guidance for doctoral dilemmas.

Conference programme

Draft programmes are below with the final programme available on Monday 3rd July 2024. Abstract booklet will be available to access on Monday 7th August 2024.

Friday 23rd Programme

8.30-9.00 amRegistration
9.00-9.15 amWelcome

and afternoon: a mix of Pecha Kucha presentations, the core doctoral dilemma
parallel sessions, and workshops

EveningReception and Dinner

Saturday 24th

8.30-9.00 amRegistration
Morninga mix of Pecha Kucha presentations and doctoral dilemmas
12:00closing and lunch

Sustainability Commitment

Rogano 2024 has made a conscious decision to try and reduce the environmental and social impacts of our meeting

The Rogano 2024 Organising Committee will be working closely with the host venue to facilitate us working toward our sustainability goals.

We're open to suggestions, but here’s what we’re doing so far:

Contacting us

To contact the organising committee, use the following contact form:

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